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Today, more than ever, traveling with our family pet has become a necessity. We simply don't want to leave them home any more.

With our service you dont have to. You can get vet insurance coverage no matter where and how you travel.

Veterinary Services

Choose from the top vets in each state, on call 24/7 to meet your most urgent needs.

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Get multiple quotes from the top providers and customized your coverage.

100% Online Process

No waiting for a vet appointment or phone call, we start your coverage on demand.

Meet Our Happy Customers

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The Hendins Family

We travel to our out of state cottage every summer, your service allowed us to take the pets and not worry about finding a vet.

get cat travel health insurance quotes
Clara Simpson

I travel for work every week, you guys actually save me a lot of money, its cheaper to have my pet travel insurance than to pay for a pet sitter and my Tobi is with me everyday now.

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Stefanie C.

I am the true definition of a digital nomad, I cannot imagine traveling without my cat and with this insurance service you provide. I don't worry about a surprise vet bill anymore, thank u.

cheap travel health insurance plan for pets
Jim Goodwin

We have a vacation home and the dog loves it too, I was concerned if there was some kind of vet emergency while there, so purchase the insurance you suggested just in case, thanks for your advice 🙂

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Every pet owner should travel with confidence!

Comfort. Expectation. Peace of Mind.

The next time you think of traveling with your pet ask yourself if you feel safe.

How We Can Help…

We have a wide range of options for you

  • 24 / 7 Service
  • emergency surgery
  • trip cancelation
  • low deductible
  • multiple pets
  • cats and dogs
  • virtual consultations
  • medication coverage
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